Training offer

Our training is always practice oriented. Trainings are reviewed and new modules built in close cooperation with stevedoring companies and port operators.

We offer training at our own facilities or on site at our clients' premises in Belgium or in foreign ports.

Our customers are typically private and public port operators in need of training in the handling of goods and containers, driving heavy machinery, operating cranes, lashing and securing, team work and operations communication.

We offer either stand-alone training or up to two-week training courses consisting of several modules for an entire class of trainees.

A tailor-made training offer can be put together according to the wishes of our customer. Basically, the training offer consists of a number of disciplines from which you can choose:

  1. Operations skills: Specific techniques are taught in handling and operating heavy port machinery such as reach stackers and cranes. Further details can be found below under the specific training modules. The duration depends on the modules chosen.
  2. Port and labour organization: Training includes a port visit. How is the port of Antwerp organized? How is the port labour organized in this highly productive port?
  3. Safety and prevention: Training related to the specific risks of port handling activities. Safety and productivity go hand in hand. Specific modules related to labour operations are taught both at the terminals and on the ships.
  4. Three-day training assessment module: Ocha hosts a three-day visit for foreign delegations from port authorities and companies.
    The first day the guests are taken for a guided tour in the port of Antwerp and a visit of specialized terminals. Day 2 starts with a comprehensive visit of the Ocha training facilities and setup inside the port of Antwerp, followed by a two-day workshop. The visiting delegation and Ocha draw a comparison of how their respective ports and port labour are organized.
    Furthermore both parties compare each others operating labour procedures and training needs. They determine the areas of mutual interest and complementarity, as well as possibilities of cooperation and sharing of expertise.
    An ideal opportunity to make an assessment of your training needs!
    This module has already been followed by delegations from Singapore, Brasil and Thailand. 


We can build a tailor-made programme in collaboration with our customers. Nothing is fixed, the customer may determine the focus of the training.

Training is given in Dutch, French or English. A translator may be engaged for other languages. 

For foreign ports, the modules are often focused on a 'Train the Trainer' concept, enabling the operators to train their port workers themselves at a later stage.

In Belgium, a number of 'open enrolment' training modules are scheduled for company operators outside the port of Antwerp.

Certificates are awarded, after each training, if the candidates pass the test successfully.